World Record Beachvolleyball 2015
project name

World Record Beachvolleyball 2015


Running this production on a semi script, the footage concentrates on several important details in the volleyball scene, while also showing an overview with the drone aerial shots. The trailer shows both the enjoyment in participating in- and professional making of the world record beach volleyball tournament. The juxtaposition between the abstract aerial views, lining out the immense area of volleyball courts on the beach, and the close-ups of people engaging with the game brings out the dynamics which are key to this event.

Production Team:

Director of photography & Video Editing: Harmen Commandeur
Drone-operator: Jochem Feldberg, Pieter Jan Feldberg
Drone-camera: Jochem Feldberg, Pieter Jan Feldberg
Ground-camera: Harmen Commandeur, Pieter Jan Feldberg, Eman van Doorn, Jorg Vissie, Tim Baas
Supervisor: Jochem Feldberg, Eman van Doorn, Jorg Vissie


Ground footage: Sony A7S, Sony FS7, Canon 600D, 18-135mm,
Drone-camera: Panasonic GH4 4K, Olympus 12mm
Drone: DJI S900