The Flying Dutchmen x Roderick Pijls
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The Flying Dutchmen x Roderick Pijls


In meeting Roderick Pijls we not only find a new friend, we find a story worth sharing and showing — although the word ‘worth’ doesn’t quite encapsulate the depth of this dynamic. Some relations are inexplicable, they just ‘are’. So it is with Roderick, whom we briefly and literally ran into at Schiphol airport. At that moment a stranger became a non-stranger, especially when he came back to explain why he was running in the first place. We set up a meet to start a dialogue, this time not so briefly.

In the core of The Flying Dutchmen’s DNA lies the philosophy: ‘Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them.’ We meet, and have met, lot’s of different people. We also have created a lot of different kind of productions with these people. However, in some cases you encounter someone of which the energy brings out a dynamic that is so strong that you can’t deny the urges to create, to show and to tell. Roderick Pijls is such an encounter. Something to do with the right person, at the right time and at a very random place. We like that.

We want to tell the story of Roderick Pijls, kitesurfer and just plain said an awesome man. You don’t need to read everything, that’s why we want you to see… soon.