Airborne – Shortfilm & Behind the scenes I & II
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Airborne – Shortfilm & Behind the scenes I & II


In WWII on Sunday 17th September 1944 the largest airborne operation up to that point commenced. 35.000 paratroopers dropped down on Dutch soil. Part of the strategic plan ‘Market Garden’, allied forces hoped that this move was a progression in ending the war.
This story covers a part of the important WOII history in the provence of Gelderland. Multiple cities, like Nijmegen and Arnhem, have deeply rooted ties with this history and are working hard in order for people to remember this story.
It is not only the cities and the municipalities, there are many partners and parties that share the same thoughts on the importance of remembering. Especially Airborne Museum Hartenstein, which commissioned this production, has an important role in remembering this specific story.
The short film, written and directed by Bram van Workum, shows parts of a re-enactment of this historical moment. The combination of this performance and the video edit create an interesting dynamic, because of the ‘acting, but-not-for-the-camera’ dimension. In capturing and editing the reenactment, which was a grand and solid production on its own, the story translates well to moving picture.
The use of CGI helps to build a solid extra framework, literary adding an extra layer to the expressive value of the film.
It all forms into a complete production.